There are few things that are more special than the gift of an entirely refurbished school and ASCE-AUB made that a reality for the students of Mazraat Yachou public school by renovating their classrooms over the winter break.
With every passing season, ASCE-AUB takes it upon itself to lend a helping hand to those who need it in our community. This year, that led us to the small village of Mazraat Yachou and a public school filled with students with hearts of gold.
Unlike any other Winter Volunteering Camp, this camp had a special touch to it. Despite the setbacks and shorter time frame to plan and execute the project, ASCE-AUB managed to complete the same amount of work as compared to our usual Winter Volunteering Camp. It was the passion and the love for volunteering that every attendee had which led to the success of the ASCE-AUB Winter Volunteering Camp 2020.

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