A group of 45 committed volunteers dedicated part of their month long vacation to execute new site projects, wrap up the camp with fruitful stories to write, and genuine memories to tell. Last year year, ASCE at AUB headed to Damour village from January 3-7, in the Chouf district of Lebanon. In the village, two different sites were renovated – the public school and the municipality’s sports center. In 3 working days, the team managed to renovate the site with a professional touch of plastering and painting. The sports center would be used as a public arena for Damour’s citizens to exercise, and would later be supplied with suitable machines and sports training equipment.
On the second site, the government had neglected the weak condition of the public school. The classrooms were no longer suitable for a decent learning environment for the students. The class-rooms were renovated and treated with a coat of fresh paint. Let’s not forget that prior to the camp, ASCE at AUB has conducted a book donation campaign. These books were then used to supply the school’s library, having them of efficient educational use to students of all levels.
In-deed, a big thank you for the organizing committee, camp coordinators, events officer, and of course, the lovely camp attendees!

We’d like to thank all of the attendees for their their hard work work, effort and volunteering spirit. Hand in hand, we…

Posted by ASCE at AUB on Monday, 29 January 2018


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