Once again, ASCE-AUB has done itself with a spectacular Summer Volunteering Camp. 2019 marks the year for ASCE-AUB’s 13th annual Summer Volunteering Camp, the 13th year a group of students dedicates their free summertime to help the underprivileged. This past August, a group of 60 volunteers were responsible for executing three renovation plans for three different sites located in the Batroun District over a span of nine days.
The first team, responsible for a site located in the center of the Batroun village, was composed of twenty volunteers. The team was tasked with renovating the facades of the touristic village, which is visited by hundreds of international and local tourists every year. The Second site located offshore to Batroun and goes by the name of Chebtine focused on renovating the exterior of an old public school, especially the playground and volleyball court. The volunteers transformed the court, and also gifted the Chebtine residents with a new basketball hoop. Last but not least, the volunteers built a new public garden in Koubba. Volunteers put all their effort, using power tools and farming equipment, to construct wooden benches, tables, and child-friendly games.
Moreover, this year ASCE-AUB added a special touch to the Summer Volunteering Camp. As a new initiative in the society’s volunteering aspect, ASCE-AUB collaborated with Ajialouna, a non-profit organization that aims to support the needy. Aiding with their mission, ASCE-AUB headed to Mankoubin, one of the most impoverished areas in Tripoli. ASCE-AUB and Ajialouna went on a mission to offer as many food kits as possible, for several families, many of which were mentally disabled and unable to cook for themselves, lacked necessary nutritional value. Volunteers also entertained the neighborhood’s children and distributed chocolate bars and snacks putting smiles on innocent faces.
A big thank you is dedicated to the official sponsors of the Summer Volunteering Camp of 2019: MSFEA, Khatib and Alami, Sets, and Bardawil & Co..

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