The 12 th  Summer Volunteering Camp took place in Tyre from 10 till 18 August. The volunteers took it upon themselves to renovate three different sites all belonging to the Lebanese underprivileged communities. These sites included a park belonging to the public school in Toura, a local basketball court in Tayr Debba and the playground’s stairs of an orphanage in Burj El Shmele.

The garden in Toura underwent a complete transformation as the volunteers cleaned it, drew on its walls, planted different shrubs and flowers, and finally constructed new benches, tables and an amusement wooden structure. In Tayr Debba, the repainting of the basketball court and the planting of the surrounding garden had an enormous impact on the local basketball team of the village. Finally in Burj el Shmele, the volunteers worked under the sun as they renovated and painted the orphanage’s staircase.

During the six days of work, the attendees delivered flawless projects in which the respective municipalities showed great appreciation. Aside from duty time, the attendees enjoyed three nights out and a whole day off.
A big thank you is dedicated to the official sponsors of the Summer Camp: MSFEA, Khatib and Alami, Regie Libanaise des Tabacs, Bank Audi, Sets and MacDonald’s.

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