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Because one of ASCE at AUB’s aims is to give back, 40 students gathered on the 25th of March to visit Der l Rahme in Beit Meri. The planned activities consisted mainly of serving food and creating a joyful atmosphere for about 200 senior citizens, including those that are poor and medically challenged. They cooked a variety of food such as burgers, Shawarma, chocolate crepes and popcorn.

The volunteers also decided to spark a lively atmosphere through music and dancing. The audience’s favorite was the traditional Dabke, and we all danced in one big circle around the dining area. In addition to that, a couple of our volunteers sang for the elderly. This got them excited, and many of them wanted to showcase their own performances too!

ASCE at AUB collaborated with Lifeline to feed and entertain around 200 elderly for a day. It was such a delight to see a smile on both elderly and volunteers' faces!

Posted by ASCE at AUB on Tuesday, 3 April 2018


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