Every year ASCE student chapters are recognized all over the world for their outstanding and exemplary service to the civil engineering community in line with ASCE’s mission “to provide essential value to its members and partners, advance Civil Engineering, and serve the public good”. This year, ASCE-AUB was awarded the Richard J. Scranton Outstanding Community Service Award on October 2nd by ASCE region 10 director Dr.Elias Sayah. The award recognizes one ASCE student chapter in the world that demonstrates excellence in community service and global citizenship. Such an impact is reflected in our own activities at ASCE-AUB, year after year, during the summer and winter camps where volunteers work to renovate sites in under-resourced communities.
A plaque of honor was presented to the chapter members by Dr. Sayah as a token of appreciation for their passion for volunteering and improving the community. ASCE-AUB is grateful to all its members for their efforts, contribution, and involvement in the chapter’s activities. A final word of appreciation and gratitude to our advisor, Dr. George Saad, for his unconditional support and determination, and all our members for their hard work and dedication!

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