One may start with the traditional “ASCE-AUB is a student based society…” when encountering the ultimate question of defining ASCE-AUB. However, as an individual who has experienced it all separately and collectively, I define this society very differently.

ASCE-AUB is a home. It is a school. It is a career. ASCE-AUB gives birth to undiscovered talents, and raises them as it puts them under challenges and complications to defy their persistence and ultimate perseverance. These talents are then expanded as more characteristics such as leadership, team work and organization gradually accumulate forming individuals or who we call, our cabinet members. This group of sixteen people, alongside, our members at large undergo the continuous phase of learning and improvement building up on past experiences and knowledge to deliver new friendships and treasured memories.

This society also prepares its members to the external world and the future job market. A career itself, it teaches them the value of time, patience, negotiation, collaborative work, decision making, and the process of prioritization in order to achieve excellence. Through its volunteering camps preparations, its team meets national scale companies and banks as well as local municipalities, therefore, learning the process of cooperation and its requirements. Through its volunteering abroad trip, the team commits most of their time to establishing international connections and working on delivering to its members a two week experience they will never forget.

The drive that makes the society move forward is the satisfaction that we get from our attendees. “ASCE-AUB has created a new family for me” alongside numerous similar statements motivates its people to continue giving no matter the downsides that they encounter. On the contrary, these struggles are what makes them improve and strengthens their capabilities to keep the society on its feet. This drive made our society the biggest society in AUB, and this drive will forever remain bringing ASCE-AUB bigger, better, stronger.

Onwards We Go,

Jana Jawhar