On September 25th, ASCE at AUB welcomed Ms. Kristina Swallow, the President of ASCE International. Swallow was accompanied by ASCE representatives of different international regions, who took turns commenting on the great contributions ASCE at AUB has made with respect to the ASCE Student Chapters. Swallow expressed her joy for visiting AUB and Lebanon and watched passionately as Jana Jawhar, ASCE at AUB’s president, presented both the CEE Department and our society.
Later that day, Swallow held a presentation in the Order of Engineers and Architects on “Engineering the Future", specifying ASCE's three missions. First, Swallow explained how weak infrastructures affect a country’s touristic rates. She then explained how ASCE has been aiming to reduce material's life cycle by 25% through self-healing concrete and other aspects. In addition, she mentioned how construction methods could be used to increase the life cycle of a project. Swallow stressed on the importance of having an up-to-date education system, as many schools do not integrate topics such as sustainability into their regular curriculum.



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