The annual Football Tournament is an event organized by several Engineering societies AUB Student Chapters: ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers), ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers), IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), and IISE (Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers).
This year, the event took place on the 10th of November 2018, and gathered 12 playing teams formed of at least six players each. At the end of the Tournament, the winning team received a prize worth 1,000,000 L.L.. The second place winners were awarded by vouchers from Dem Gamers, Latte Art and Bill’s Bites. Moreover, throughout the game, the judges kept an eye on all players to select the Top Scorer and Best Goal Keeper who also received awards from the Football Shop. Finally, the Tournament was a way for students to challenge one another over a friendly sportive match.


Posted by ASCE at AUB on Sunday, 18 November 2018

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