To kick off the fall semester, ASCE-AUB Student Chapter held its annual General Assembly on September 18, 2019 in the Engineering Lecture Hall. It signified the meeting of new students looking to join the society, as well as continuing members.
In the presentation given by the President Karen El Hachem, attendees were first given the chance to learn more about the society and the great role it plays in every engineering student’s life, both during their university years and after graduation. She emphasized that ASCE-AUB is a place where Civil Engineering students meet to learn, volunteer, join a supportive community of students, and ultimately, build more together.
Students were also given a first look at the upcoming activities planned for the year such as the winter volunteering camps, field trips, national bridge competitions, and technical workshops. The GA ended as the attendees gathered on the Masri rooftop to enjoy the refreshments and the sunset – a great beginning to an already incredible year.

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