Breast Cancer Awareness Month is an international health
campaign month organized by charities every October to spread awareness of the
disease and raise funds for its research. ASCE at AUB decided to hop on the
train to make a difference and trade its typical bright blue colors to endorse
the Pink Ribbon culture.

Our society initiated its yearly campaign on October 8th
with the slogan “Knowing It Exists Is Not Enough!” and organized a bake sale on
Thursday, October 11th. The event aimed to educate students on the importance
of early diagnosis, reduce the stigma of breast cancer, and raise donations to the
Lebanese Breast Cancer Foundation.

Breast cancer is the second most common cancer worldwide. It
is diagnosed every 29 seconds, once every seven blinks of an eye, making it the
most common cancer and the leading cause of women mortality. One out of eight women
will be diagnosed with breast cancer during their lifetime, and the chance of a
woman dying from early-stage breast cancer is estimated to be

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