On September 26th, 2018, ASCE at AUB held its annual CV and Cover Letter Workshop which allowed students to learn how to write distinctive CVs and cover letters that will make them stand out in-front of job and internship recruiters. The society wanted to offer it’s assistance to students by putting them at an advantage compared to others in order to heighten their chances of acceptance, especially within today’s highly competitive market.

The workshop presenter, Rana Bou Saada, Communication Arts Major and trainer of new and old employees of Bank of Beirut and Beirut Waterfront Development to help them write professional papers and emails, highlighted all the Do’s & Don’t’s that an applicant must watch out for when submitting an application. Hard copy submittals were also a major key element of the presentation where paper, ink & envelope quality mattered since they form the first impression to the recruiter and provide the basic grounds for their evaluation strategies.
As for cover letters, it was highly emphasized that it is more of a clear-cut document compared to a CV; and thus, requires extensive care to have it match the job title and job description.

All attendees were able to grasp the most out of this workshop which took place at the beginning of the fall semester, a time when internship opportunities start to present them-selves to students. We wish the best of luck to all those applying for internships or job positions!

Posted by ASCE at AUB on Wednesday, 23 January 2019


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