To students, Christmas time usually means the end of the fall semester. To others, it is a time that reminds us of familial love and affection, as we feast and wait for Santa to arrive. However, there are those who are not touched by Santa's magic. Those who will be spending Christmas on their own because that is all the family they have. That is why ASCE-AUB decided to play Santa on December 27th in Sin El Fil by hosting a Christmas lunch for the elderly. 25 "elves" (otherwise known as student volunteers) gathered to help organize the festivities. The volunteers not only wrapped gifts, but also participated in preparing the lunch as well. So, they quickly had to drop their Christmas hats and put on their hair nets to cook up something amazing for the guests.
As the guests dined, they were entertained by a group of children who filled the air with their angelic voices singing Christmas songs. No one could resist the music and everyone headed to the dance floor to show off their impressive moves. Throughout the event there was a palpable amount of joy and a sense of friendship between the attendees that truly exemplified the holiday spirit!

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