Once again ASCE at AUB worked hard to provide its members and the AUB Civil and Environmental Engineering community with all the tools they need once they enter the workforce. In order to meet this goal, ASCE at AUB hosted an AutoCAD workshop on October 29, 31 and November 1, and 5, 2018. The society chose to have the latter workshop given the fact that it is one of the most significant and leading software in engineering drawings and design, as well as being widely used amongst Civil Engineers themselves. The workshop was divided into four sessions, with the first two sessions and last session presented by Mr. Hicham Abou Ibrahim, an AUB PhD candidate who provided the attendees with all the necessary features. The third session was offered by Dr. Farouk Hamzeh, which was presented in a talk form and discussed High Rise Buildings. This talk was offered to whoever was interested given the attractiveness and importance of the topic. By the end of the workshop, the attendees were provided with a certificate proving their knowledge in AutoCAD.



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