At the end of the semester, and following the society’s annual tradition, the ASCE-AUB Civil Gala took place on the 30th of April at Movenpick, Beirut. The unforgettable night marked the end of a successful academic year celebrated with members, professors and instructors. While Civil and Environmental Engineering students as well as instructors expressed their artistic talents, everyone sang and danced the night away.
Following that, awards were distributed among ASCE-AUB’s advisor, Prof. George Saad, for his constant advisory support, Prof. George Ayoub as the distinguished professor of the year and lastly, the Civil and Environmental Engineering department. A video summing up ASCE-AUB’s highlights; from its events to its Members at Large as well as Officers, was then displayed bringing back old memories, new friendships and unforgettable moments. Finally, ASCE-AUB’s President, Jana Jawhar, reminded each attendee about the society’s goals and successes in her heart whelming speech.

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