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Last year, the society held its Gala Dinner in partnership with the highly reputable firms, RAMCO and JCC at Riviera, Beirut on May 4. Moreover, the dancehall was elegantly occupied with blue and white decorations thanks to Events&More.

The night began with a speech by the then department’s chairman, Dr. Mounir Mabsout. Subsequently, students from various years performed different talents transforming the professional atmosphere into a light-hearted one. Ending the speeches was the then President, Ali Ismail.

The event also included a slideshow of all ASCE at AUB’s events held this year that showed the attendees the hard-ships and the successes brought out in each event. Moreover, one of the highlights of the night was listening to how proud our professors are with the work achieved this year. Dr. George Ayoub said: “I have very high and specific standards, and you have surpassed these standards”.

A night to remember! We hope you enjoyed the night as much as we did.*tag your friends*

Posted by ASCE at AUB on Friday, 11 May 2018

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