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Twelve years ago, the Civil Engineering Society (CES) at AUB was launched. The society started with an initiative taken by Dr. Mounir Mabsout in 2006 who was able to bring together around 20 students in a volunteering camp aiming to give back to unprivileged regions in Lebanon. This camp was the first event for a society whose goals are to give every member, especially Civil Engineering students, opportunities to engage in different projects, to enhance their technical skills, to build a professional network, and to help the less fortunate. In 2012, CES evolved to become the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)- AUB Student Chapter when the 2012-2013 President, Nihal Abo Ghali, and her assigned team were able to get the accreditation of ASCE international thus, taking the society to an international level.

Between then and now, the society has made a huge step forward by increasing the number of diversified events. It now includes technical workshops, volunteering camps and initiatives, social events on campus, coffee chats with professors, alumni and graduates, and civil engineering field trips. In the past two academic years (2016-2017 & 2017-2018), the society has undergone an overhaul transformation led by the presidents Mahmoud Kobeissi and Ali Ismail. The latter has taken the society abroad as 60 students volunteered in the underprivileged villages of Sri Lanka. Hand in hand, we carry on the success of the society and wish nothing but the best for it in the hands of the new president, Jana Jawhar.

2018-2019 Members Statistics

ASCE at AUB Members

Registered as ASCE International Members


Civil Engineering Major

% of the Members = 262 Members

Other Engineering Majors

% of the Members = 59 Members

Other Majors

% of the Members = 19 Members

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